Evaluate: prisoners should be provided with supervised internet access inside prison.

Need an research paper on prisoners should be provided with supervised internet access inside prison. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. According to the Prison Reform Trust’s recent report, access to the internet could also boost training and help the prisoners connect with their families even while serving their sentences inside the prison. This way, they are less likely to feel outcast and commit crimes after release (36). However, as there are always two sides of a coin, there are also people who are against this idea and believe that access to internet is a kind of “luxury” for prison inmates. A report on BBC News last year quoted Nick Hardwick, Chief Inspector of Prisons, saying that “”Perhaps there are some who will say computers and the internet are luxuries prisoners should do without.” The whole argument surrounding the issue of whether to provide an internet connection to prison inmates becomes crucial as it revolves around an individual’s human rights. It also becomes crucial as it defines the attitude of the society towards prison and prisoners.
The argument is between whether prison should remain a place where criminals are held and punished for their deeds or whether it should take the form of a reform house where people who have committed crime get a chance to transform and trained to become a responsible member of the society. This essay will first discuss the controversies and objections surrounding the use of Internet in prison. It will then proceed to argue the purpose of imprisonment in 21st century society, and discuss why providing controlled internet access to inmates is necessary and not a “luxury”. It will further try to establish the need by focusing on the results achieved by prisons which have provided controlled internet access to its inmates.
Many are of the view that providing internet access to inmates will only help them continue doing the nuisance they had already been engaged in outside. This argument is based on the claim that inmates have been found smuggling smartphones with an internet connection into prison cells and using the same to call up phone directories, search maps, and photographs for criminal activities. It is argued that as society is increasingly becoming dependent on the internet, the same is the case with criminals who conduct drug trafficking and gang-violence through the internet.

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