The goal of this essay is to think back to the work you did for one of the earlier modules (2, 4, 5, or 6) and expand upon it to arrive at a more complex analysis of the literature that depicts the intersection of personal, national, and global concerns with the current events we have discussed during the semester.
1. Select which Module (country and text) you want to write your reflexive essay about. Caution: you may only choose a module for which you have completed all assigned Discussion and/or Close Reading assignments.

Current Event Topic

“An Enemy of the People”
criticism/threats against whistle-blowers and/or against the press

The Chibok Girls
Islamist terrorism (Boko Haram), politically-motivated kidnapping

Tell Me How it Ends

Central America

immigration, border, family separation, gang violence

Born A Crime
South Africa
apartheid, domestic violence against women

I choose module 4
2. Assemble and clearly label the following materials into 1 document (50 points).Title this document:
Last name.draftdata.docx (using your last name)

Your Discussion post for the Module you selected
The comments you received for that Discussion essay (cut and paste them from Canvas)
Grading Comments I made on your Discussion essay
Only the CR answers for your chosen module that touch on the major literary work we discussed for those weeks (see chart)

I have attached this document in file. *use this document
Discussion 3 Task: (Already Completed) Will attach in files.
In this Discussion, we turn to the case study of the #BringBackOurGirls online activism campaign that came into prominence shortly after the Chibok girls’ kidnappings in Nigeria. There are a variety of articles here analyzing the scope and impact of the hashtag itself and of digital activism in general. This week there are also examples of visual art and poetry that also seek to make public statements that call for justice while also contributing objects of beauty–visual images, poems.
Task: Write a 400 word essay in which you present a provable argument about which type of activism discussed for the week best achieves its overall goals. You may begin this from your opinion, but the thesis has to be analytical and there has to be textual (including visual) support for your claims.
In other words, your thesis can’t be: “In my opinion, X type of activism is more effective than Y type of activism.” That’s just a reflection of what you personally think. It’s not an argument.
Instead, formulate your thesis in terms that can be proven and which characterize what kind of impact one type of activism has vs. the limited or broad nature of a different type of activism as represented by our readings.

3. Write a 1,000 word essay in which you make an argument about how the literary text you chose to discuss portrays or represents a country’s view on the current event topic you selected. (100 points). Title this document: Lastname.reflexiveessay.docx

In other words, your essay should explore to what degree the events chronicled in either the fictional play or the non-fiction books we read this semester represent one person’s views on the current event or whether the text aims to present the country’s official position on the tragedy or high profile event it depicts.
Feel free to use, expand, or revise the original writing you had done on this text and which you assembled for the first part of this essay. The point here is to help refresh your mind about what you thought about this when you first read it, benefit from the writing advice of your peers and the comments I offered you at the time your discussion essay was graded, and use this information as a source of departure for your new writing.
You must use at least 3 direct quotes from the book or play to support your claims on this essay.

Chidbook Link to support the claims:
Email (phone for mobile accounts):
Password: Hell@2531
Last 4:5031
EXP: 5/21
*very sensitive information please delete after
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