Fire Safety Sprinkler System In The Buildings Case Study

You are the safety and health director of a multi-state building materials retailer. Your organization recently purchased property and buildings in central Michigan and is in the process of renovating the facilities to include a retail store and a detached warehouse. The organization has mandated that the unheated detached warehouse will mostly store lumber, insulation, roofing materials, and large quantities of nails and screws. As part of the renovation, your organization has decided to install sprinklers throughout all facilities, including the detached warehouse.
InstructionsBased on the case above, provide a response to the following questions. This assignment does not require an APA formatted paper. Please answer your questions in a Microsoft Word Document and submit them using the activity link. Be sure though to cite where appropriate and include references as necessary using APA format.

As the safety and health director, recommend a sprinkler system that should be installed within the retail store and within the detached warehouse. Provide a discussion and justify your choices for each.
The renovation plans call for the sprinkler system to be equipped with an additional fire department connection. What is the purpose of this connection? How might it be beneficial to your organization?

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