Project 4
Written Case Analysis Assignment: Instructions & Guidelines: Revision of August 8, 2017

The purpose of this document is to provide general instructions and guidance for the case assignment.
General Instructions
Your assignment is to write a business report using the techniques of a “Case Analysis” as presented below. You will choose your own case study from ( You will write from the perspective of a consultant hired by the board. As consultant, you will consider the facts and issues of the case through an analysis to arrive at possible courses of action. Additionally, your report must arrive at your definitive recommendation(s). Your report shall be addressed to the Board and CEO [note: this is your audience].
Report Format
Your report shall consist of five headings: 1) Executive Summary; 2) Introduction; 3) Analysis; 4) Possible Courses of Action; and 5) Recommendation(s). These are to be used as headers for the separate sections.
Executive Summary
This section should highlight the main points of your report, including a brief summary of your analysis, specific possible courses of action presented, and your recommendation(s).

This is not a summary of the case.
This should be the last section written but also the first section presented in your report. You should understand that certain members of your audience may only read the Executive Summary.
This should be written separately from the other sections.
This should be single-spaced and should be a minimum of half a page and a maximum of one page.

In this section, you should offer a brief summary of the case. Remember, you are writing to the board and CEO who are already familiar with the details of the case.

You must include a purpose statement that clearly identifies and directly states why the report is being written.

A generic example: The purpose of this report is to identify the issue, present facts, consider courses of action, and make a recommendation.
Customize this example so that your own purpose statement is specific to the actual case for this assignment.

This section should contain your commentary on and synthesis of the facts and relevant information associated with the case. This is not a summary or retelling of the case but a critical assessment of the case. You may use examples from the case as evidence to support your analysis. Use your analysis in the next section to form the basis for the courses of action you identify.
Possible Courses of Action
In this section, present at least three possible courses of action that the Board and/or CEO should consider to address the key issue of the case.

Remember, these choices must make sense in light of your analysis in the preceding section.
You must assess some specific pros and cons of each of your identified courses of action.

In this section, you
will clearly identify, justify, and support your definitive
recommendation(s) to the Board and CEO. Your recommendation(s) shall be
drawn from the options presented in the previous section (i.e., Possible Courses of Action)
and must address any cons you identified with this course of action in
the previous section. The goal of this section is to persuade the CEO
and Board to adopt your recommendation(s).The post follow-instructions-amp-guidelines-for-written-case-analysis-assignment first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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