Food Taboos in Nigeria and Their Nutritional Effects.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Food Taboos in Nigeria and Their Nutritional Effects. Due to such reasons many parts of Nigeria are either suffering from malnutrition or have high infant mortality rate, moreover, people are uneducated and do not know the significance of adding a particular food in their diets. They do what they have seen their ancestors doing for ages. For example, people in most parts of Nigeria do not include meat and eggs in their children’s diet, they believe that adding such eatables would make them thieves. The logic behind such insane thought is that since meat and eggs are expensive food items and they cannot afford it so if the children get used to eating them then just to fulfill their desire they will start stealing because of such myths Nigeria falls into countries with one of the highest maternal mortality rate and every year millions are spent to improve the health sector but despite this there has not been much change, maybe because first, the people need to be educated about the torture that they are doing to themselves and what kind of social and economic implications such behavior causes.
Due to such reasons, children are born either deformed or dead because when such taboos will hit a pregnant woman then definitely she will not be able to give birth to a healthy child nor will she be able to survive. When a woman is pregnant she needs the right quantity of all the food supplements. she needs to consume fiber, calcium, proteins and etc and if any one of these essential components is removed from her diet then she is going to suffer, not only an expecting woman but also a normal human being. Surprisingly all such food taboos are connected to children or women (pregnant or just a mother) men are not included in the list! To start with pregnant women are forbidden to eat eggs because it is believed that if an expecting mother eats eggs then her children might become a thief! An egg is an important and basic source of protein and deprivation can cause many issues. It is believed that snails should not be consumed by pregnant women because that would prevent excessive salivation in the baby.&nbsp.
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