For 2 of the articles, write a brief annotation, using the following format. (Y

For 2 of the articles, write a brief annotation, using the following format. (You can choose any of the two articles for this week to focus on.)For each of the 2 articles, include the following components in their annotation. (Two annotations total.)Citation for article in APA format. (1 point)Paragraph 1: Brief summary of article, including the question the article was trying to address and the main findings or results. (2 points)Paragraph 2: What does the article have to say about our two overarching questions for this week: How does culture influence family dynamics, especially when there is substance use or abuse? What community assets and protective factors contribute to youth and family well-being (or what structural and policy factors are detracting from family well-being)? (2 points)In addition to the content of the articles, there are two writing skills you should focus on this week. First, you will include the full reference for each article in APA format. You can find examples of references in this format on the Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.). Second, you will submit the assignment via Turn It In, which checks the paraphrasing in your abstracts (i.e., how you put things into your own words). Here is additional coaching and practice (Links to an external site.) on how to paraphrase what you are reading in the article. Let me know if you have questions, or if you would like to meet you can sign up on my calendar (Links to an external site.).

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