For this assignment, you are required to create a self-assessment of yourself. S

For this assignment, you are required to create a self-assessment of yourself. Specifically, pretend that you’re a manager. Discuss the following: – Overall Strengths (2 minimum) – Overall Weaknesses (2 minimum) – Accomplishments in your Employment – Two (2) personal goals and two (2) professional goals that you hope to accomplish – The feedback that you can apply to achieve your goals. For this requirement, consider the feedback that you have received from parents, friends, classmates, instructors, etc. and how this feedback will assist you in improving/accomplishing your goals. —————————————— Think about your overall strengths and weaknesses in terms of competencies you need to be an effective manager at work. The paper should meet the following requirements: 1) Be 4-6 pages in length. With the exception of a title page, no citations are required for this assignment. This should be an honest assessment of your personal and professional needs. This assignment can be written in paragraph form, or it can be submitted in a bulleted format with expanded comments. 2) Applied course material concepts, principles, theories, and any applicable analytical tools along with at least two scholarly peer-reviewed sources. ——————————————- Use the textbook. All the requirements are important, the assignment should be without any grammatical errors and no plagiarism. It has to be in your own word.

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