For this assignment you will need to create a

28 May For this assignment you will need to create a

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For this assignment you will need to create a proposal outlining your preliminary topic (in a short paragraph) as well as a preliminary bibliography consisting of a minimum 3 book sources, 2 journal articles, and 1 primary source. 

Term Essays Hist 108 IR Sum 2022tc l 1 “Term Essays Hist 208”

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Students are required to submit a term essay 7-10 pages in length (word processed, double-spaced or 1.5) due June 17. This essay is to be argumentative in nature. That is, you must provide an argument or thesis rather than simply a statement of purpose. This essay is to be world history centered and must fall within the chronological confines of the course (1750-1945). All topics must be approved by the instructor and to this end you will be provided with a list of suggested essay topics and a bibliography of works in the TWU Library. In order to provide guidance in the process of selection of topic and creation of thesis, students will be required to submit an essay proposal outlining your tentative topic and preliminary bibliography (due May 27). The instructor reserves the right to refuse to accept or to demand a rewriting of any essay submitted without a previously accepted proposal.
Ideally, your essay should incorporate the following principles:
1) An introductory paragraph which sets the stage for the discussion to follow by posing the problem to be discussed and presenting the argument you have adopted.
2) A thematic point by point discussion following the outline of your argument (do not include this outline with your paper). This discussion should reflect your own conclusions and must be supported by a description of the actions or thoughts of historical figures, or of incidents, or of other factual data. This section will constitute the body of your essay.
3) A conclusion in which you summarize your findings. In some ways this section will be a recapitulation of your introduction.
Since this is a research essay the proper use of source material (including primary sources wherever possible) outside of your assigned text is necessary. Do not use direct quotations unless from a primary source (the writings of Ghandi, the speeches of Kwame Nkrumah, etc…). Information from secondary sources should be paraphrased in your own words and properly cited. All outside information, whether from a primary or secondary source, must be properly cited following departmental guidelines. Failure to do so is plagerism and may result in a failing grade for your essay! Either footnotes, or endnotes are acceptable citation forms as long as they are done consistently. Follow the provided departmental Citation Guide. Use of Internet material is as a resource for primary sources is encouraged as the number of good primary source sites is growing daily (see separate handout for further information). However, secondary source internet sites can be problematic and the instructor must be consulted before using them. Moreover, all citations from the internet must be complete and wherever possible should identify the author’s qualifications. Please do not use Wikipedia as a source for your papers. Lecture material and encyclopedia articles should be used for background information only and should not be cited. Finally, a proper bibliography must be provided. Points will be deducted for spelling or typographical errors. Proof-read and revise! Do not rely on your spell-checker alone! You, not your computer, are responsible for your final product! **Late Policy: 3 points per day will be deducted for unexcused late papers. Extensions will be granted only for documented medical reasons or for circumstances beyond a student’s control. This does not include computer crashes! Back up your material!
Hist 108 Primary Source Websites
Africa Focus Sights and Sounds of a Continent
African Online Digital Library – AODL
Electronic Text Center Liberian Letters
Internet African History Sourcebook
Primary Reader in African History
Slave Narratives
Slaves and the Courts, 1740-1860
Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Documents in World History
Hanover Historical Texts Project
Historical Text Archive Electronic History Resources, online since 1990
HistoryWiz Home
Internet archive of Texts and Documents
Internet Global History Sourcebook
Internet Modern History Sourcebook Main Page
Internet Women’s History Sourcebook
Other Women’s Voices
World History for Us All Key Theme
World History International Main Contents Page
India — Introduction
Internet Indian History Sourcebook
The Digital South Asia Library
Arab-Islamic history
Compendium of Muslim Texts Home
Internet Islamic History Sourcebook
Latin America
Caribbean Views
Colonial Latin America
parallel histories Spain, the united States and the American Frontier
The united States and Brazil
Hist 108 IR Term Paper Topic Suggestions and Bibliography
General Information: Students are reminded that even if our library does not have a particular source you need (book or journal article), they can be accessed relatively quickly and cheaply via a “Copal” card which gives you borrowing privileges at both SFU and UBC or through inter-library loan. See me for more information or talk to one of the reference librarians. Warning, if you are using inter-library loan make sure you plan ahead as it can take a couple of weeks for these materials to arrive (depends where they are coming from).
I) Journals: For the best access to journals use the searchable JSTOR abstract available via the journals/databases tab on the TWU Library catalogue page (see the link on your moodle page). For assistance see the following online tutorial
IPRIVATE II) General Works All sources listed as * are “primary sources” tc l 1 “II) General”
Adams, Paul Experiencing World History
Andrea, Alfred, The Human Record: Sources of Global History*
Armento, Beverly J, Across the centuries
Christian, David, Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History
Cooper, Frederick, Tensions of Empire: Colonial Cultures in a Bourgeois World
Denemark, Robert, World System History
Fernandez-Armesto, Millenium: A History of the last Thousand Years
Fromkin, David, The Way of the World
Gardner, Robert, Stories of the Century: World History From 1900 to 2000
Garraty, John, The Columbia History of the World
Gigantes, Philippe, Power & Greed: A Short History of the World
Grenville, J.A.S., A World History of the Twentieth Century
Hobsbawm, E.J. The age of empire, 1875-1914
Hobsbawm, E.J., The Age of Extremes: A History of the World 1914-1991
Johnson, Paul, The Birth of the Modern: World Society, 1815-1830
Magil, Frank, Dictionary of World Biography
McNeil, William, A History of the Human Community
Mitchell, Joseph, Taking Sides, Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in World History
Mitchner, E. Alyn, Global Forces of the Twentieth Century
Neiberg, Michael, Fighting the Great War: A Global History
O’Brien, P. Encyclopedia of World History
Quinlan, Don, Twentieth Century Viewpoints
Roberts, J.M., The Penguin History of the World
Stavrianos, L.S., Man’s Past and Present
Stearns, Peter, World History in Brief
Strayer, Robert, Ways of the World
Von Laue, Theodore, The World Revolution of Westernization
Wright, Edmund, A Dictionary of World History
The following topic list is certainly not definitive. Any topic which falls within the chronological (1750-1945) and geographic (non-European, non-North American) confines of the course is certainly acceptable. The suggestions provided are very general in nature. They are simply meant to seed your thoughts by indicating some of those issues which I believe are significant and worthy of examination.
I) The Islamic World
Ottoman responses to the West (defensive modernization, Islamic reform)
World War I and the Collapse of the Ottoman Empire
The growth of Arab nationalism
19th C. European interests in the Ottoman Empire (Britain in Egypt, France in Syria and Lebanon, Russia in Central Asia, etc…)
British wartime promises and the origins of the post-war settlement in the
Middle East
Armenian-Turkish relations and the Armenian genocide
European mandatory rule in the Middle East (British policy in Egypt, Iraq, Palestine; French policy in Syria, Lebanon)
The Egyptian “liberal experiment” of the 1920s, 30s
The role and status of women in contemporary Islamic societies
The role of landholding and immigration in the origins of the Zionist-
Palestinian dispute
Origins of the state of Israel
The development of Israeli Arab policy
Impact of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war on the growth of Arab radicalism
Christian missions and education in the Arab world
The Islamic World
Aaronsohn, Ran Rothschild and Early Jewish Colonization in Palestine
Ahmed, Leila Women and Gender in Islam
Ajami, Fuad The Arab Predicament
al-Khalil, Samir Republic of Fear
Ansari, Hamied Egypt: Stalled Society
Antonius, George The Arab Awakening
Auron, Yair The Banality of Indifference: Zionism andArmenian Genocide
Bailey, Clinton Jordan’s Palestinian Challenge
Bakash, Yitzhak The Shi`s of Iraq
Baker, Raymond Egypt’s Uncertain Revolution Under Nasser and Sadat
Baker, Raymond Sadat and After
Barbir, Karl Ottoman Rule in Damascus
Beattie, Kirk Egypt During the Sadat Years
Bennis, Phyllis From Stones to Statehood
Ben-Rafael, Eliezar Israel: A Guerilla Conflict in International Politics
Berberoglu, Berch Turmoil in the Middle East
Berktay, Halil New Approaches to State and Peasant in Ottoman History
Binder, Leonard The Ideological Revolution in the Middle East
Bothman, Selma Egypt From Independence to Revolution
Braude, Benjamin Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Empire
Brown, William The Last Crusade
Chonieri, Youssef State and Society in Syria and Lebanon
Cleveland, William History of the Modern Middle East
Cobban, Helenna The Palestine Liberation Organization
Cohen, Michael The Origins and History of the Arab-Zionist Conflict
Cole, Juan Colonialism and Revolution in the Middle East
Darwish, Adel Unholy Babylon
Davison, Roderic Essays in Ottoman and Turkish History
Davison, Roderic Turkey
Epp, Frank, The Palestinians
Faroqhi, Suraiya Peasants, Dervishes & Traders in the Ottoman Empire
Fisher, Sydney The Middle East: A History
Freedman, Robert Israel’s First Fifty Years
Freidman, Thomas From Beirut to Jerusalem
Friedman, Isaiah Palestine, a Twice-Promised Land
Fromkin, David A Peace to End All Peace
Gawrych, George The Albatross of Decisive Victory (Egypt and Israel)
Gershoni, Haim Israel: The Way it Was
Gharaibeh, Fawzi The Economics of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip
Goldschmidt, Arthur Biographical Dictionary of Modern Egypt
Goldschmidt, Arthur Modern Egypt: The Formation of a Nation State
Goodwin, Godfrey The Private World of Ottoman Women
Gordon, David Lebanon: Fragmented Nation
Gordon, David The Republic of Lebanon: Nation in Jeapordy
Gordon, Joel Nasser’s Blessed Movement
Gorst, Anthony The Suez Crisis
Hadawi,Sami, Bitter Harvest, A Modern History of Palestine
Haj, Samira The Making of Iraq, 1900-1963
Hakash, Yitzhak The Shi’s of Iraq
Harris, Christina Nationalism and Revolution in Egypt
Hart, Alan Arafat, Terrorist or Peacemaker
Hart, Mitchell Social Science and the Politics of Modern Jewish Identity
Held, Colbert Middle East Patterns
Heller, Mark A Palestinian State: The Implications for Israel
Heydemann, Steven War, Institutions and Social Change in the Middle East
Hicks, Steven Islamic Activism and Social Change in Modern Egypt
Hiltermann, Joost Behind the Intifada
Hirst,David, The Gun and the Olive Branch
Holt, P.M. Egypt and the Fertile Crescent
Hopwood, Derek Egypt: Politics and Society, 1945-1986
Hopwood, Derek Syria: Politics and Society
Hourani, Albert The Emergence of the Middle East
Hourani, Albert Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age
Hourani, Albert The Modern Middle East: A Reader
Issawi, Charles, An Economic History of the Middle East and North Africa
Kafadar, Cemal Between Two Worlds: The Construction of the Ottoman State
Kaniuk, Yoram Commander of the Exodus
Kasaba, Resat The Ottoman Empire and the World Economy
Keddie, Nikkie Women in Middle Eastern History
Keddie, Nikkie Women in the Muslim World
Kerr, Malcolm The Arab Cold War
Khalaf, Samir Lebanon’s Predicament
Khalaf, Samir Lebanon’s Predicament
Khouri, Fred The Arab-Israeli Dilemma
Khouri, Fred The Arab-Israeli Dilemma
Khoury, Philip Syria and the French Mandate
Kimmerling, Baruch Palestinians, the Making of a People
Kinross, Lord Ottoman Centuries
Lacquer, Walter A History of Zionism
Landau, Jacob The Arabs in Israel
Lentin, Ronit Israel and the Daughters of the Shoah
Lesch, Ann Arab Politics in Palestine, 1917-39
Levy, Avigdor The Jews of the Ottoman Empire
Lewis, Bernard The Emergence of Modern Turkey
Lewis, Bernard A Middle East Mosaic
Longrigg, Stephen Syria and Lebanon Under the French Mandate
Mandel, Neville The Arabs and Zionism Before WWI
Mansfield, Peter The Arabs
Ma’oz, Moshe Studies on Palestine During the Ottoman Period
McCarthy, Justin The Ottoman Turks: An Introductory History
Mernissi, Fatima Women in Islam
Migdal, Joel Palestinian Society and Politics
Mishal, Shaul The Palestinian Hamas: Vision, Violence and Coexistence
Mitchell, Richard The Society of Muslim Brothers
Nijim, Basheer American Church Politics and the Middle East
Norton, A.R. Amal and the Shi`a
Ovendale, Ritchie Origins of the Arab-Israeli Wars
Parker, Thomas The Road to Camp David
Petran, Tabitha The Struggle Over Lebanon
Pipes, Daniel Greater Syria, the History of an Ambition
Porath, Yehoshua The Palestinian Arab Nationalist Movement (2 vols)
Postal, Bernard And the Hills Shouted for Joy
Quandt, William Decade of Decisions
Quandt, William The Politics of Palestinian Nationalism
Rabinovich, Itamar The War for Lebanon, 1970-1985
Rabinovitch, Itamar Syria Under the Ba’th
Randall, Jonathan Going All the Way
Rashid, Ahmed Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism
Reich, Bernard Political Dictionary of Israel
Reich, Walter A Stranger in My House: Jews and Arabs in the West Bank
Rubenberg, Cheryl The PLO: Its Institutional Structure
Rubinstein, Amnon From Herzl to Rabin: The Changing Image of Zionism
Sachar, Howard A History of Israel
Said, Edward The Question of Palestine
Salibi, Kamal Crossroads to Civil War
Salibi, Kamal The Modern History of Lebanon
Sanders, Ronald The High Walls of Jerusalem
Schiff, Ze`ev Intifada
Schnall, David Beyond the Green Line
Seale, Patrick Assad of Syria
Seale, Patrick The Struggle for Syria
Shalit, Erel The Hero and His Shadow
Shaw, Stanford History of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey
Shields, Sarah Mosul Before Iraq
Silberstein, L. Mapping Jewish Identities
Smith, Pamela, Palestine and the Palestinians
Steet, Linda Veils and Daggers
Sugar, Peter Southeastern Europe Under Ottoman Rule
Taylor, Alan The Arab Balance of Power
Timmerman, Jacobo The Longest War
Vatikiotis, P.J. The History of Modern Egypt
Waterbury, John The Egypt of Nasser and Sadat
Wiebke, Walther Women in Islam
Wikan, Unni Life Among the Poor in Cairo
Williams, Ann Britain and France in the Arab Middle East
Yishai, Yael Land or Peace: Wither Israel
Younis, Mona Liberation and Democratization
Zeine, Zeine The Struggle for Arab Independence
Zilfi, Madeline, The Politics of Piety: The Ottoman Ulema
Lewis, Bernard What Went Wrong? The Clash Between Islam and Modernity
Tauber, E. The Formation of Modern Syria and Iraq
Kamrava, M. The Modern Middle East
Heydemann, S. War Institutions and Social Change in the Middle East
Welch, W. No Country for a Gentleman: British Rule in Egypt
Lawson, F. The Social Origins of Egyptian Expansionism
Cuno, K. The Pasha’s Peasants
Smyrna’s ashes [electronic resource] : humanitarianism, genocide, and the birth of the Middle East Tusan, Michelle Elizabeth, 1971-
Empires of the Silk Road [electronic resource] : a history of Central Eurasia from the Bronze Age to the present Beckwith, Christopher I., 1945-
The origins of western economic dominance in the Middle East [electronic resource] : mercantilism and the Islamic economy in Aleppo, 1600-1750 Masters, Bruce Alan, 1950-
Britain’s Hegemony in Palestine and the Middle East, 1917-56 – Changing Strategic Imperatives Cohen, Michael
The modern Middle East [electronic resource] : a political history since the First World War Kamrava, Mehran, 1964-
War, institutions, and social change in the Middle East [electronic resource] Heydemann, Steven
Between past and present [electronic resource] : archaeology, ideology, and nationalism in the modern Middle East Silberman, Neil Asher, 1950-
The social origins of the modern Middle East [electronic resource] Gerber, Haim
The Avalon Project at Yale Law School. The Middle East 1916-present [electronic resource] : a documentary record Yale Law School
Nurturing the nation [electronic resource] : the family politics of modernizing, colonizing and liberating Egypt 1805/1923 Pollard, Lisa
Lives at risk [electronic resource] : public health in nineteenth-century Egypt Kuhnke, LaVerne
Disarming words [electronic resource] : empire and the seductions of translation in Egypt Tageldin, Shaden M
The Society of the Muslim Brothers [electronic resource] Mitchell, Richard P. (Richard Paul), 1925-
State, Private Enterprise and Economic Change in Egypt, 1918-1952 Tignor, Robert L
Engendering citizenship in Egypt [electronic resource] Botman, Selma
Nature and empire in Ottoman Egypt [electronic resource] : an environmental history Mikhail, Alan, 1979-
The politics of households in Ottoman Egypt [electronic resource] : the rise of the Qazdağlis Hathaway, Jane, 1962-
The Copts and the West, 1439-1822 [electronic resource] : the European discovery of the Egyptian church Hamilton, Alastair, 1941-
The Pasha’s peasants [electronic resource] : land, society, and economy in Lower Egypt, 1740-1858 Cuno, Kenneth M., 1950-
Egypt and the Christian crusade [electronic resource] Watson, Charles R. (Charles Roger), 1873-1948
Managing Egypt’s poor and the politics of benevolence, 1800-1952 [electronic resource] Ener, Mine, 1965-
Egypt for the Egyptians! [electronic resource] : the socio-political crisis in Egypt, 1878-1882 Schölch, Alexander
A house of many mansions [electronic resource] : the history of Lebanon reconsidered Salibi, Kamal S. (Kamal Suleiman), 1929-
The modern history of Lebanon [electronic resource] Salibi, Kamal S. (Kamal Suleiman), 1929-
The culture of sectarianism [electronic resource] : community, history, and violence in nineteenth-century Ottoman Lebanon Makdisi, Ussama Samir, 1968-
The long peace [electronic resource] : Ottoman Lebanon, 1861-1920 Akarlı, Engin Deniz
Inventing home [electronic resource] : emigration, gender, and the middle class in Lebanon, 1870-1920 Khater, Akram Fouad, 1960-
Syria and Lebanon [electronic resource] : a political essay Hourani, Albert, 1915-1993
British mission to the Jews in nineteenth-century Palestine [electronic resource] Perry, Yaron
From new Zion to old Zion : American Jewish immigration and settlement in Palestine, 1917-1939 Glass, Joseph B
Rediscovering Palestine [electronic resource] : merchants and peasants in Jabal Nablus, 1700-1900 Doumani, Beshara, 1957-
The origins of Palestinian nationalism [electronic resource] Muslih, Muhammad Y
Oriental neighbors : Middle Eastern Jews and Arabs in mandatory Palestine Jacobson, Abigail, 1973-
The nation and its “new” women : the Palestinian women’s movement, 1920-1948 Fleischmann, Ellen
Girls of liberty : the struggle for suffrage in mandatory Palestine Shilo, Margalit
Palestine between politics and terror, 1945-1947 Golani, Moṭti
Arrows in the dark [electronic resource] : David Ben-Gurion, the Yishuv leadership, and rescue attempts during the Holocaust Friling, Tuvia
The struggle for Palestine [electronic resource] Hurewitz, J. C., 1914-2008
Comrades and enemies [electronic resource] : Arab and Jewish workers in Palestine, 1906-1948 Lockman, Zachary
American missionaries in the Ottoman Empire : a conceptual metaphor analysis of missionary narrative, 1820-1898 Gümüs, Hami Inan
Fall of the sultanate : the Great War and the end of the Ottoman Empire, 1908-1922 Gingeras, Ryan
Living in the Ottoman realm : empire and identity, 13th to 20th centuries Isom-Verhaaren, Christine
Jihad and Islam in World War I : studies on the Ottoman Jihad on the centenary of Snouck Hurgronje’s “Holy war made in Germany” Zurcher, Erik J. (Erik Jan), 1953-
Science among the Ottomans : the cultural creation and exchange of knowledge Shefer-Mossensohn, Miri, 1971-
A monetary history of the Ottoman Empire [electronic resource] Pamuk, Şevket
In the house of the law [electronic resource] : gender and Islamic law in Ottoman Syria and Palestine Tucker, Judith E
History of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey [electronic resource] Shaw, Stanford J. (Stanford Jay), 1930-
Syria and the French mandate [electronic resource] : the politics of Arab nationalism, 1920-1945 Khoury, Philip S. (Philip Shukry), 1949-
The making of Iraq, 1900-1963 [electronic resource] : capital, power, and ideology Haj, Samira, 1945-
Ungovernable life : mandatory medicine and statecraft in Iraq Al-Dewachi, Omar
The old social classes and the revolutionary movements of Iraq [electronic resource] : a study of Iraq’s old landed and commercial classes and of its Communists, Baʻthists, and Free Officers Batatu, Hanna, 1926-
II) Africa
The abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade (origins, impacts)
The growth of European-African resource trade in the 19th C
The growth of Christian missions in Africa (evangelical mission
organizations, missions and abolitionism – Sierra Leone, Liberia, Henry
Venn and the Niger Mission, missionaries as agents of or opponents of
colonialism, “Prophetic Christianity” and African nationalism)
Islam and women in Africa
Shaka Zulu and the South African Mfecane
British policy in South Africa and the rise of Boer nationalism (Boer Trek,
Boer War)
Christian missions and racial politics in S. Africa
Boer perceptions of race and the origins of Apartheid
African responses to Europe (military, intellectual, economic)
Origins of the “scramble for Africa”
The nature of European colonial rule in Africa (French assimilationism,
British indirect rule, Belgium and “company rule”, pick a colonial state)
African troops in WWI, WWII
The economics of colonial rule – did the colonial experience produce
contemporary African “under development”?
The rise of African nationalism and the origins of decolonization (eg. Mau
Mau rebellion in Kenya)
Apartheid and Racism in South Africa (role of the church in South Africa?)
Sources, Africa
Davidson, Basil, The African Past*
Collins, Robert, Eastern African History*
Collins, Robert, Western African History*
Collins, Robert, Central and South African History*
Watt, Rachel, In the Heart of Savagedom*
Marsh, Zoe, East Africa Through Contemporary Records*
Low, D.A., The Mind of Buganda*
Isichei, Elizabeth, Igbo Worlds*
Martin, Phyllis, Africa
Mojekwu, C. African Society, Culture, and Politics
Cook, Arthur, Africa, Past and Present
Smith, Edwin, Events in African History
Curtin, Philip African History
Curtin, Philip Africa and Africans
Fage, J.D., A History of Africa
Gailey, H.A., History of Africa (2 vols)
Hallet, Robin, Africa to 1875
The Horizon History of Africa
McEvedy, Colin, The Penguin Atlas of African History
Murphy, E. Jefferson, History of African Civilization
Oliver, R and J.D. Fage, A Short History of Africa
Shillington, Kevin, History of Africa
July, Robert, History of the African People
Chinweizu, The West and the Rest of Us
Wiedner, Donald, History of Africa South of the Sahara
Curtin, Philip, Africa and the West
Fage, J.D., A History of West Africa
Hutchinson, Louise, Out of Africa: From West African Kingdoms to Colonization
Ajayi, J.F.,& M. Crowder History of West Africa (vol 1)
Ward, W.E.F., A History of Ghana
Uchendu, Victor, The Igbo of Southeast Nigeria
Cohen, Ronald, The Kanuri of Bornu
Crowder, Michael, A Short History of Nigeria
Burns, Allan, History of Nigeria
Flint, J., Nigeria and Ghana
Hargreaves, J., West Africa: The Former French States
Azevedo, Mario, Cameroon and Chad in Historical and Contemporary
Moran, Mary, Civilized Women: Gender and Prestige in Southeastern

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