For this discussion board post, respond to the prompt in two to three paragraphs (no bullets). Paragraphs should be organized by topic and not simply address the questions in order. Include examples from each of the texts, complete with MLA in text citations.

In Anyon’s article, she argues that students are “being prepared to occupy particular rungs on the social ladder.” What does this mean? Do you agree?
According to Anyon, what do teachers in the different types of schools expect from their students?
Further, Edwards’ article makes a case that American schools are preparing students for a world that doesn’t exist and that a “learning by discovery” approach would better prepare students for the work world. Summarize what Edwards means by “learning by discovery.”
Finally, of the four different types of schools that Anyon discusses in her article, which type would most likely adopt the “learning by discovery” model? What does that mean for students in other types of schools?


Response to questions should be organized into paragraphs by topic.
Include at least one quotation or paraphrased idea from each of the two readings.
For each quotation/paraphrase, include MLA style in text citation with the author’s last name and page number in parentheses (Last name #).
Include an MLA style Works Cited list with the two assigned readings included at the end of the post.
The post for-this-discussion-board-post-respond-to-the-prompt-in-two-to-three-paragraphs-no-bullets-paragraphs-should-be-organized-by-topic-and-not-simply-address-the-questions-in-order first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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