Gender Essay Prompt In A World of Ideas, you have been assigned to read the foll

Gender Essay PromptIn A World of Ideas, you have been assigned to read the following essays: “Of the Pernicious Effects Which Arise from the Unnatural Distinctions Established in Society” by Mary Wollstonecraft pp. 600-610, “Paradoxes of Gender” by Judith Lorber pp. 642-648, and “From Understanding Gender” by Judith Butler pp.685-700. These essays discuss the definition of gender and the treatment of individuals who identify with a particular gender in society. In your Compare and Contrast essay, you will analyze comparisons (similarities) and contrasts (differences) in how these authors discuss the topic of Gender. Your thesis statement must name the authors’ (last name) and that they share both similarities and differences in their views on Gender. The body paragraphs of your essay describe key similarities and differences in the authors’ approaches to gender.Your essay must include the following elements:A properly formatted first page: name block, centered title, page number: “Smith 1”, and begin first paragraphs of your essay.Name block and title only on first page. (See page samples in Pages Tab in Canvas)Times New Roman or Calibri 12 font, 2.0 spacing throughout, left justify, one inch margins on all four sides and no boldSix full pages of text and a Works Cited Page with an entry for each of the three essays used as sources for quotes. (See MLA Style Guide and Sample Works Cited Page in Pages Tab in Canvas.A 6-page Compare and Contrast Essay would have the following structure:Introduction Paragraph (10 sentences):State the importance of Gender and Gender Issues in today’s society.Provide a basic definition of Gender and some background in the Gender Issues of today.Sample Thesis Statement: Wollstonecraft, Lorber, and Butler share some views on gender and gender issues, but their differences in viewpoint are more significant.Body Paragraphs 1-4 (10 sentences each paragraph): similaritiesDescribe a similarity in each paragraph and how it contributes to understanding the authors’ views (find quotes from essays)Body Paragraphs 5-14 (10 sentences each paragraph): differencesDescribe a difference in each paragraph and how it contributes to understanding the authors’ views (find quotes from essays)Conclusion Paragraph (10 sentences):Restate importance of understanding the similarities and differences in the viewpoints of these authorsRestate the importance of understanding Gender and Gender Issues in society and how this understanding leads to a better understanding of society itself.Basic In -Text Quote and Citation Example:Lorber defines Gendered kinship as, “the family rights and responsibilities for each gender status. Kinship statuses reflect and reinforce the prestige and power differences of the different genders” (642).Works Cited Page:Include an entry for each of the two quoted essays from World of Ideas. Alpha order these two entries by the essay author’s last name, example L for Lorber. Works Cited Page should be titled as Works Cited Page (Centered first line). Page number Ex. Smith 4.Works Cite Page Entry Example:Lorber, Judith. “Paradoxes of Gender” World of Ideas, edited by Lee Jacobus,2020, pp. 642-648.(1-tab indent for lines after the first in each entry)

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