gender issues in the media, engaged womens sense-making of media messages about weddings

I need some assistance with these assignment. gender issues in the media, engaged womens sense-making of media messages about weddings Thank you in advance for the help! It is to be noted the depiction of girls or women in media is always considered as a concern and remain one of the important issues to be dealt with as many research studies indicate that there are few women than men in the industry. (ETFO, 2010)Based on this assumption, if we analyze the messages of these two magazines, they are more titled towards women prima facie however. underlying themes or objectives of these messages are based on attracting men and playing with their psychology.
Studies indicate that media messages flashed across to the target audience to help gender-related activities to become prominent. A study based on women indicated that women even learn before their marriage, the overall mechanics of the wedding and how this is going to affect them. (Daws, 2009). This clearly indicates that media plays a significant role in shaping personal identity in relation to the messages portrayed regarding gender roles.
My own personal identity, if viewed within the perspective of the advertisements and messages depicted in both the magazines, therefore is largely shaped by the way I am portrayed i.e. as the way how my gender is portrayed within these messages. They tend to reinforce my personal identity because it allows me to view myself as a person with a diverse range of abilities with strong appeal to attract my opposite sex.

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