General information/requirements/grading rules This HW will test your knowledge

General information/requirements/grading rulesThis HW will test your knowledge on Object Oriented Programming using Classes and InheritanceUse meaningful names for classes, objects, attributes and methodsIf there are two words in the variable use first word lowercase and first letter of second word upper case i.e., firstName, or underscore between the two words i.e first_nameInclude appropriate comments in the codeOutput should be displayed exactly as mentioned against each problemIndent the lines of code appropriatelyQ1: : (50 points)Write a class named Employee that holds the following data about an employee with attributes: name, ID number, department and job title.Once you have written a class, write a program that creates three Employee objects to hold the following data:NameID NumberDepartmentJob TitleSusan Meyers47899AccountingVice PresidentMark Jones39119ITProgrammerJoy Rogers81774ManufacturingEngineerThe program should store this data in the three objects, then display the data for each employee on the screen.Example OUTPUT:Employee 1:Name: Susan MeyersID number: 47899Department: AccountingTitle: Vice PresidentEmployee 2:Name: Mark JonesID number: 39119Department: ITTitle: ProgrammerEmployee 3:Name: Joy RogersID number: 81774Department: ManufacturingTitle: EngineerQ2: : (50 points)Write a class named Person with data attributes for a person’s name, address, and telephone number. Next, write another class named Customer that is a subclass of the Person class. The Customer class should have a data attribute for a customer number, and a Boolean data attribute indicating whether the customer wishes to be on a mailing list. Demonstrate an instance of the Customer class in a simple program.Sample output:Enter the name: johnEnter the address: 239 lovers laneEnter the phone_number: 817-907-5367Enter the customer number: 0011Does the customer wish to be on the mailing list?(Yes/No) YesCustomer information: Name: johnAddress: 239 lovers lanePhone number: 817-907-5367Customer Number: 0011On Mailing List: True

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