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Global geologic mechanisms control the movement of the lithosphere plates and these also affected the geologic evolution of China and influenced its formation. The Paleogene collision occurred between the Indiana and Eurasian plates giving rise to the Himalayas and the Tibetan region. Most of the fault regions of China were formed during this collision. Most slices and blocks suffered from faults and exist even today.A survey of the Chinese lower crust shows that most of the rocks that are present were formed either during the Archean times or the Paleoproterozoic era.
The outcrops of these rocks are somewhere between 5%-7%. In fact, geologists believed that almost 5 tectonic periods were responsible for the formation of the Chinese continent and in the formation of its various geological formations. All of the collisions took place between the Meso-Neoproterozoic and the Early Cambrian time periods. Also one of the main forces was tectonic collisions that also helped in shaping the geology of the area. Most of the collision zones were formed during this period.

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Almost 75% of the Chinese continent was attached to the Pangean supercontinent owing to such collisions. On the other hand in the Indosinian Tectonic System, large amounts of folding and faulting occurred which subsequently affected the sedimentary layer of the Chinese continent as well. The Himalayas were also formed during this time as a result of a large collision.Geologically, China is divided into several parts all of which have emerged as a result of the various geological collisions and other processes.
The central part of China lies in the loess plateau. This area is the largest deposit of loess. The east part of China is rich in an alluvial deposition. The region spreads over a large area and there exist some igneous Shandong highlands in the region as well. The karst landscapes of China have extremely high aesthetical value and lie in the&nbsp. Guangxi and Yunnan provinces in China. Much of China is dominated by alluvial plains. In the west lies the Tibetan plateau and Yunnan-Guizhou plateau.
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