Greetings! As I mentioned when I went over the syllabus in Module 1, at the end

Greetings!As I mentioned when I went over the syllabus in Module 1, at the end of the semester I adjust students’ final grades based on the level of engagement they had in the course. This engagement includes posting in response to questions during the lectures, visiting office hours for discussion, and engaging during discussion boards. However, a necessary component to earn an adjustment to your final grade is that you go beyond the material provided in the course by attending lectures and events and providing a one page reaction to that event.Describe the main points of the lecture.What did you think of the argument of the speaker?What did you learn from the lecture about public policy and/or public administration?I have created a speaker reflection paper assignment and you can submit your papers by clicking on that assignment.I will post information both about lectures that are recorded so that you can watch anytime, as well as any that are synchronous.If you come across a lecture/event you think is appropriate for this, please email me and I will add it to the list.SOURCE:

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