health policy model/ occupational health and safety act.

-Choose one health policy model ( The Kingdon policy stream model, Stage-sequential model, The Richmond-Kotelchuck model, local public health policy model)
and discuss a policy in health care that was implemented using the particular model. Note why this particular policy meets the requirements of the model it represents and what Constitutional or U.S. government powers were instrumental in this policy.
(250 words and one peer reviewed reference apa style)
-Research the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1972. What factors precipitated the passing of this health policy? What stakeholders influenced the passing of this act? What effect has this act had on environmental and workplace health? (250 words and one peer reviewed reference, apa style.)
-Read the article “Mandatory Vaccination of Health Care Workers” by Alexandra M. Stewart from the New England Journal of Medicine. Discuss this article in relation to states’ judicial and legislative powers and occupational safety and health issues. (250 words.)

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