Health Status in Low-Income Countries

To prepare for the Project, review all the week’s Learning Resources and consider possible issues you might encounter when implementing a policy.
7–10 pages), not including the cover and the references:
In developing a policy in the country you selected, consider the following:

Explain the rationale for selecting the country.
Describe the social determinants of health in the country that you would need to address. Explain why you need to address these determinants.
Explain the possible public issues you might encounter in health literacy and cultural awareness in this country.
Describe the relationship between health inequality/inequities and life expectancy for the population in your selected country.
Describe two current efforts in this country (you selected) to reduce health inequities.
Explain how you might develop a health policy so that it gets the support of the country you selected. Note: Take into account the culture of the country.

Use APA formatting for your Final Project and to cite your resources. Expand on your insights utilizing the Learning Resources.

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