Hello. these are all the instructions for the paper. Please follow all the instr

Hello. these are all the instructions for the paper. Please follow all the instructions and the rubric. For the rubric i uploaded photos. i also uploaded the sample paper which can help you. and i uploaded the NAWS file which can also help you.REFLECTION PAPEREveryone has a set of values by which they live and it is easy to impose the values that we strongly believe in, onto other people. When working with clients, it is crucial to know the values that we strongly believe in so that we don’t intentionally or unintentionally impose our values onto our clients. When that happens, a social worker ends up violating at least one SW value or ethical standard, sometimes more.This assignment has four questions, and each question should be numbered on your paper.1) Identify and discuss in detail one of your personal values or beliefs that could be in conflict with a SW value or ethical standard. a) Clearly state your personal value or belief; b) Discuss with details how, when and why it developed; c) What makes this value meaningful or important to you?2) Imagine that you have earned your BASW and are now working as a professional social worker. a) State what kind of a SW job you have, including what kind of program or agency (e.g. school, child protective services, mental health, hospital, etc.) b) Describe a realistic challenging client situation that might trigger your personal value or belief that you discussed in question #1. Please include the reason the client is meeting with you, and describe your verbal and non-verbal reactions and behaviors to the client(s). c) Include examples of an actual interaction/exchange between you and the client(s).3) Name, define and discuss the social work value or ethical standard in #2 that your behavior would violate if this really happened with a client. a) Please define the social work value or ethical standard in your own words. b) Why is this SW value or ethical standard important? c) What are the consequences if it isn’t followed?4) Identify one realistic strategy that could help you address or avoid this conflict as a professional social worker, and help you avoid making the mistakes with real clients in the future, that you made and discussed in questions #2 & #3. a) Discuss how and why this strategy will help you put aside yor personal value with future clients? (Please note that transferring a client is often not feasible, and therefore, is not an acceptable strategy to discuss for this assignment).Your paper should be 3-5 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, with one inch margins & 12 point Times New Roman font. Please include a title page that is placed at the end of your paper facing out—it should be the last page. Your name should only appear on the title page, nowhere else! The title page does not count as one of the required pages. Please do not turn in your paper with any kind of cover/folder. Remember to carefully proofread your final paper for correct spelling, grammar, complete sentences, use of paragraphs and professional style.Criteria for Evaluation of Reflection Paper1. Followed all instructions as written in the handout and reviewed in class. All questions are numbered and all points are answered as requested.2. Explicitly identified and discussed with detail one personal value.3. Demonstrated a violation of a SW value/ethical standard because of a strongly held personal value.4. Explicitly identified and discussed one professional social work value or ethical standard.5. Demonstrated accurate understanding of SW value or ethical standard.6. Demonstrated strong critical thinking and analysis.7. Demonstrated ability to openly self-observe with detail.8. Professional writing is expected throughout the paper, including correct grammar, wording, spelling, punctuation, use of paragraphs, complete sentences, and clear meaning.

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