Help with topographic lines on google earth

Need to download the following two links opened onto google earth
Download the .kmz file of the topographic map
Download the .kmz file of the cross section line
and answer/apply it to the following questions.
*You can label locations digitally by adding a text box in Microsoft Word under “Insert, Text Box”. You can also label by hand and scan in the document to turn in.
1) A screen cap in Google Earth showing an oblique view of some portion of the map that shows a very steep area, a moderately steep area, and a relatively flat area. Label these locations on the map
2) Zoom around in Google Earth a bit and look for streams, especially those that are on mountain sides. Observe what contour lines do when they meet streams. So tell me, what do contour lines do when they meet up with streams? What shape do they form (hint…. circles? squares? vshapes? t-shapes?)
3) A short discussion (no more than 4-5 COMPLETE sentences) on how the relief around State College relates to the topography map
4) A screen cap of the topographic profile line with the following: Bald Eagle Creek, Bald Eagle Mountain, State College, and Tussy Mountain.
5) Create your own topographic profile of anywhere in your State College topo map and insert a SCREEN CAP that shows the line that you made and the topographic profile line. See directions on the next page.

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