HIS2215 Purdue healthcare provider spends adequate time with a patient

Based on the week’s readings, make an argument for or against one of the following questions: Please make sure to support your argument with an example to explain your position.

A health provider’s learning through reading or writing narratives influences their work in providing health care.
A health provider should spend as much time (more than 15 minutes) with a patient to listen to their issues in greater detail.
Narrative medicine has an effect on the sick, or people with health issues

Another assignment in this module will ask your classmates to respond to your argument by arguing for or against your own position.

Select and respond to one of the one of the three questions above.
Provide a brief summary of your argument.
State whether you agree or disagree.
Provide your reasons for why your agree or disagree. Include ideas that persuade your reader to agree or disagree with your argument.
You should have at least 3 main points to discuss. Argue your points reasonably; clearly and and in logical chronological order when moving from one idea to the next ensure that you exhaust your first point.
For this and all assignments:

Provide examples to support your response; these can be facts or excerpts from readings provided or from other sources.
The minimum word count for this assignment is 400, you are welcome to write more.
The minimum number of references for this and all assignments in this course is 2 (two).
Cite your source whenever you include information that is not your own.
For all the assignments you are expected to use the American Psychological Association (APA) format of both in text citation and referencing (you can find more information on citation here: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01…

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