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– Minimum 5 pages. In addition to the minimum page requirement, please include a title page and a “REFERENCES CITED” page according to Chicago Manual of Style formatting.
– A minimum of 4-6 sources must be used (peer reviewed journal articles only)
– In text citation must follow Chicago Manual of Style formatting. Please make sure you cite your source whenever using material/text/ideas that are not yours.
For this research paper, you are asked to research Homo Erectus. This paper will be largely literature review. In other words, you will summarize and emphasize the relevant/important research (for each subsection below) that is current to Homo Erectus. Please organize your paper as I have outlined below; making sure you have subtitles as I do. In these sections, make sure you address the questions and points I have listed
Introduce your hominin
Provide a summarization of we know about Homo Erectus such as, but not limited to:
Major fossil finds
Geography of where hominin lived
Time period hominin lived
Discuss whether or not your species had any form of culture. Remember to define culture. Some examples of early culture can include:
Tool usage
Tool making
Control of Fire
For later species, we have evidence from all of the above and more. So make sure to include the above items and include:
Belief Systems
Burial Practices
Make sure you connect the information on these topics to evidence such as skeletal remains and archeological evidence.
Extinction/Evolution to different species (Please note that information for some hominins regarding extinction might be limited. Remember, it could be that we don’t have much information yet.)
In this section, you will discuss and analyze reasons for extinction. Refer to physical evidence such as skeletal remains and archeological support.
Some reason might include:
Climate change
Natural Resources
In this section, make sure to address the following questions/points:
– Summary of what the reader just read
– Why this research important?
– Where is the research lacking?
– What suggestions do you have for future research in this area?

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