Horizontal Map and Curriculum Chart.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Horizontal Map and Curriculum Chart. Your paper should be a minimum of 8000 words in length. Interdependence: There is a need to view the use of the English language in the form of a clear relationship among the communication components. Communication is complete where there is effective listening, which leads to a better response while speaking. Reading also should affect the way a person applies their writing skill. These four elements are the necessary skills for any language use.Acculturation: The use of the English language should be such that it makes people accept and respect the cultures of other peoples. Thus, language use should be integrated with the cultural activities and contexts of the people to create the appropriate meaning.Flexibility: English language should enable learners to be flexible in terms of adjusting to different contexts and situation. Because language use in one context could be interpreted to mean differently in another context, there is then a need to accord each situation and context, a particular communication mode.Teamwork: English language should encourage free interaction and cooperation in all activities that the learners undertake in all aspects of life. Learners should appreciate the importance of teamwork in achieving individual and organizational goals. Through effective communication and clear understanding, teamwork is enhanced.Responsibility: English language use should instil the element of responsibility on the part of the learners. English curriculum should emphasize accountability by encouraging the learners to avoid misuse of the language.Confidentiality: The English curriculum should encourage learners to observe confidentiality in informal settings. The learners should observe discretion when making formal speech and formal writing. This is necessary when communicating information that has limited accessibility.
&nbsp.Commitment: The English curriculum should encourage obligation to one’s duties. The learners should learn to accomplish various assignments and fulfil any of the promises they make. Commitment enables students to achieve their set objectives in the stipulated time.
In both the English language arts (ELA) of the Georgia state and the English Standards of learning, (SOL) of Virginia state, the students are exposed to similar content. By the time they leave school, they are in a better position to communicate effectively, in different settings, both formal and informal.

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