How Bloggers Have Impacted on External Marketing Strategies of Public Relations Consultants.

I will pay for the following article How Bloggers Have Impacted on External Marketing Strategies of Public Relations Consultants. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In the form of a personal profile or a blogroll, social media is often turned to by the large majority of audiences for any updates in the market. Reputable brands and firms are fast turning to the use of social media channels to inform and increase their consumer base by distinctly exposing the brand (Reich & Solomon, 2008, p.29). Newly emerging as some of the most trusted influencers are bloggers who provide a way in which the firms can showcase and provide information to a bigger, global audience of their brand and their products.
To examine the impact that the ever-expanding blogosphere has had on how Public Relations Consultants carry out their external marketing, the following question is postulated:
How does the growing presence of blogs impact the strategies that Public Relations Consultants put in place to carry out external marketing?

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Review Of Literature
Based on current research, bloggers are evolving into significant assets to firms as a way in which to remain relevant in their respective industries. Outreach towards these individuals is often in the form of product placement, and several other tactics which provide the conversations, as well as links with consumers that firms heavily rely upon to both maintain as well as significantly increase brand awareness as well as profit (Quan-Haase & Young, 2010, pp. 350-351). These bloggers, characterized by large followings across their social media networks, have seen them become the newest and most reliable brand ambassadors. In making products more accessible in the form of publication of new products, bloggers have essentially created a two-way communication that ensures that firms can remain active in a competitive marketplace that relies on immediate and visual mediums (Sweetser, 2011, p.425).
Blogging is a tool that can be used to not only supplement but also to improve public relations as well as marketing strategies within many industries. Public Relations consultants are finding that firms are not only relying on their teams in-house, websites, and single social media networks (Kelleher, 2009, pp. 172-173). Instead, these firms turn to bloggers seeing them as influencers and ambassadors that consumers have perceived as trendsetters who can be trusted. Consumer reliance on social media and honest reviews of the latest products determine purchasing behavior (Kent, 2008, pp. 32-33).
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