How do you best learn and process new information? In what way(s) are you “intelligent”?

What kind of learner are you? How do you best learn and process new information? In what way(s) are you “intelligent”?Describe your learning style(s)/multiple intelligence (verbal, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.) through personal narratives and/or detailed examples. Explain why/how you are inclined towards one particular style or a combination of styles.Connect your style(s) to the course theme (medium and message). Why/how do learning styles matter with respect to composition and communication?SOURCES/CITATION:Your essay must incorporate at least two sources: 1) At least one of the course readingsAny outside scholarly or nonacademic sourceYou must cite both sources using MLA style and include a properly formatted Works Cited page.Questions to consider when integrating your sources (“They say”):o What do experts say about people with your learning preferences?o What constitutes intelligence?o How do your predilections “fit” with theories of multiple learning styles andintelligence?NOTE: These are simply suggestions for incorporating sources into your essay. You are not required to answer all these questions.Before you write, explore links on multiple intelligences.Please keep in mind:It is important that you not only describe the experience(s), but show why and how they exemplify our style of learning. Be detailed and specific. Your paper should not read like a list; you want to develop your examples with relevant details.Do not attempt to write about too many styles (no more than 3). The point is to choose your dominant style(s) and describe them in depth—not to briefly touch on all of them.The format is relatively flexible, but all essays should have a main point. What do you want the readers to take away from this?n in bold is what my professor said are the mistakes in my essay you will need better organization and focus in the final draft. First, focus on your strengths sooner. You don’t need to describe all the different styles. Part I of the assignment should be focused more on you – you need more personal narratives and detailed examples that illustrate your verbal-linguistic intelligence. Part II is dealt with better, but still needs a bit more development. Broadly speaking, you want to work on your paragraph structure and development. Most are too short; a paragraph should be a developed (meaning several sentences, perhaps even more than a page) series of sentences that focus on a discernible controlling idea. I will discuss further in class…

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