How Should We Do Conceptual Analysis of Visual Images.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on How Should We Do Conceptual Analysis of Visual Images. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Sowa instigates that diagrams are simplified figures that convey the intended message in a simple manner without using many words (John, 1984). In his work, he describes several diagramming techniques that are very relevant in conveying messages in a simplified manner. There are many diagramming methods including flow charts, entity-relationship, data-flow, and object-oriented diagrams (John, 1984). This paper will analyze several diagramming techniques.
The data-flow technique is a means of representing information or a system regardless of the level involved using symbols that show the flow of data, a network of data, data processes and data stores. The main purpose of using the data flow technique is to provide a systematic between users and system developers. Using data flow charts has a variety of advantages. The first advantage is that it reduces the number of words that would have been used in the explanation of the intended message. The second advantage is that data flow representation builds a systematic way of disseminating information. It shows the logical sequence of the data being represented. Thirdly, it represents the information in a hierarchical manner, showing every detail of a system at any level. Fourthly, it is user friendly in that it allows users to understand the information being represented and gives the user an opportunity for review.
They are diagrams used in object-oriented models. They help in the definition of machines that have a number of states. These machines receive events from the external environment and the events drive the machine in rotation from one state to the other. This kind of diagramming technique helps in giving the explicit definition of a machine and its behavior. One feature that makes this technique unique is its ability to generalize states. This ability allows the factoring of common transitions. State models are suitable when describing behavioral changes of a single object.

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Flow charts
Flow charts are diagrams that represent processes.
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