How Technology Influences the Society.

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: How Technology Influences the Society. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. When my sibling is to act as a source of cure to my problem, I would be positive towards the decision: “In the case of technological advance, for instance, when parents opt for test-tube babies, medicine had achieved the level of creating children conceived in-vitro. later it turned out that their child could be a possible donor, this was a surprise and incurred a lot of criticism as they did not believe that human being would be born just to be used as a spare part” (Belkin 04).
Ethically, saving a life is far better and should not be termed as using a human being as a spare part. As a donor, you may assist to restore life for someone who had lost hope completely. However, with technological advancement, assisting through donation has negligible effects on the donor due to the high technology involved in carrying out the procedure. Despite criticism from other organizations and scientists, it is not ethical for them. Belkin reiterated that it is human to do everything to save lives through donation. hence, the donation of embryo parts was not prejudiced as malpractice despite the ethical aspects involved (Belkin 06).
Just as scientific laboratory researchers struggled through a hurricane with risk for their lives aiming at saving the lives of other people, the story of Henry and Molly became a successful breakthrough in the scientific view of life that can continue without medical services and assistance. According to the article, the young girl underwent a lot of tribulations, for instance, having unbalanced limbs, being deaf on one ear, and also having malfunctions in the heart (Belkin 07). Due to the doctor’s observation, she was whisked from her parents, Lisa and Jack. However, just as the couple went through hard times, Laurie and Allen also faced tough times as they struggled to salvage lives in their early 30’s.&nbsp.

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They managed to get good medical support from doctors through the use of computers. Laurie was employed by a nonprofit making organization, while Allen worked with computers. Through the expertise that Allen had, they managed to find a doctor online who could help with the issues of their illnesses (Belkin 10).&nbsp.
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