How the Church Analyzing the Phenomenon of Social Inequality

Write 5 pages with APA style on How the Church Analyzing the Phenomenon of Social Inequality. There were eight students in group one, they were: Tony, Bayo, Segun, Olu, Ani, Peter, Odun, and Sisi. We all wanted to make a good presentation, so we united as a group and contributed all our efforts to it. My group had three meetings before making the presentation. In the course of the first meeting, we introduced ourselves and worked on understanding the topic. During our second meeting, every member of the group was presenting the paper and articles that can be related to the topic. so, we selected ones that we were going to using during the presentation. An important part of the second meeting was focused on allocating roles during the presentation, namely the portions of work that everyone was responsible for. Our third meeting was devoted to the harmonization of our findings and practicing presentations.
It was decided that my role would be to introduce the group as well as to give a background of the presentation, including the definition of racism and what should be considered to be racist. In the course of preparation for my part of the presentation, I was able to visit the library and found some books as well as publications that I considered to be helpful. They are the following: Issues facing Christians today by John Scott. The invention of racism in classical antiquity by Benjamin Isaac. Racism by Albert Memmi. Windrush: the irresistible rise of multi-racial Britain by Mike and Trevor Phillips. Race, slavery, and Islam in Maghribi Mediterranean thought: the question of the Haratin in Morocco by Chouki el Hamel. Racism and the Church: The History, Scope, and Nature of the Problem by Samuel Koranteng Pipit.
In the course of the presentation, it was my ultimate delight to engage my counterparts in verbal interaction with regard to the perspective that is claimed to be attributed to the Church fathers on the phenomenon of social inequality. In addition to that, I tried to investigate the way the above mentioned social institution has responded to the problem in question. Therefore, it is quite obvious that my role put an enormous emphasis on the facilitation of the dynamics of the interaction between the interlocutors. I tried to be as active as possible in order to advance the flow of the exchange of ideas.

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