HPRS2300 Creation of a Website for Safe Medication Administration Assignment

To complete this assignment:
For this assignment, you will create a website dedicated to Safe Medication Administration. Options for free website creator/builder sites include Jimdo.com, Wix.com, and Weebly.com. Include on the website a disclaimer stating the following: “This website has been created as part of college course assignment; it is not a “real” website.”
On your website, you will include information about (1) the 8 rights of safe drug administration, (2) principles of administering drugs, and (3) solving dosage calculation problems. On your website, you must provide a link to one video that addresses the 8 rights of safe drug administration and one video that addresses dosage calculations. Videos must be 2-6 minutes in length. You must also include a link to one article that addresses safe medication administration.
Your website must be at least two pages; with a maximum of five web pages. The font must be Times New Roman 12 pt. for your main text. You must include at least one outside reference in addition to your required text and video/article links.

Assignment Criteria
Possible Points

Minimum two web pages, maximum four web pages. Content areas include: The 8 Rights of Safe Drug Administration; Principles of Administering Drugs; Solving Dosage Calculations.

Includes appropriate video (2) and article (1) links.

The website layout is informative, professional and logical with easy to follow structure. Utilizes Times New Roman 12 pt. font for main text.

Content follows rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Includes at least one outside reference in addition to course text and required video/article links.


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