Human Resource Management and associated functions

Write a 2 pages paper on project management challenges. A software project manager is faced with number of challenges. Given the vulnerable and most complex nature of the software and digital world, it becomes imperative for the project managers to overcome these challenges in order two work efficiently. The following are two broad line and most possible challenges that the project manager may come across.
Human Resource Management and associated functions:
A project manger may be faced with the H.R issues handling. This comes in the form of appointing the right kind of employees for the right task. Also, ensuring that the personnel are facilitated according to their needs and their skill also makes up for the Human resource requirements and standards fulfillment. A project manager may have to perform extra hard in case of chains being spread across different parts of the world where different cultural values are in place.

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In a broadly segmented and international enterprises where the employees are appointed from different domains and locations, the factor of cultural context and other variables also becomes important with regard to the project manger’s tasks and duties. Cultural consideration is a subsequent challenge that comes along with the international Human Resource Management handling.
Ensuring that the responsibilities are assigned to the people in the due manner without giving any one in the organization any compensation and leverage is also a core function of a project manager. The work so divided must be based on equal consideration and proportion and it must not put on employee under great stress in contrast to other enjoying relaxation from the decision making and responsibilities and duties fulfillment.
(Schiff, 2012).
The second most prevalent challenge that is faced by the software project managers in modern times is that of creating an actual relationship between the virtual world activities and the real world scenarios. Often the software project mangers suffer issues merging the two facets of the digital virtual world of software related projects. Too much virtual environment makes it easy to appear but in actual it gets further difficult to handle, co relating between the different variables and bringing them onto one table. In the real world businesses the tasks so performed are done so through the actual interactions and meetings.
In the case of online multiple units spread out software enterprises that are connected online, it at times becomes a challenge taking them on board and gathering in a collective meeting. Hence the virtual nature of the applications, the softwares, the clients and stakeholders, all these make it difficult for the project manager and stand as one of the two major challenges that are faced by them. Another inter related challenge that is faced by the project manager is that of establishing familiarity with the software applications. The hardcore and physical training is relatively easy on other applications, but the new software may pose a challenge in the context of the virtual nature possessed by it. Resources handling and distribution within also may be a challenge that is associated with virtual software environment (Ahmed, 2012).
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