Human Trafficking

2. Issue Brief (100 points)  Due Week Five
As a member of the Executive Team for an organization serving vulnerable children, you have been tasked to prepare a report summarizing the development of a program to support these children.  Your task as an experienced manager hoping to convince others to address the problem is to prepare an Issue Brief that:

presents facts on the nature of this problem, (incidence, prevalence, special needs of this population)
identifies the individual, familial and community risks that have contributed to the problem,
discusses relevant policy initiatives or laws around the problem,
explores why it makes sense (and cents) for the community to support this population and fund programs to support the problem,
notes other systems that may also be serving these children,
identifies the protective factors that may be lacking in the families of these children,
summarize at least three program models or evidence-based interventions to improve the outcomes for these specific children and families in the child welfare system,
presents resources already available to address the issue and support the population, and
discuss ways that the problem could have been prevented from affecting children altogether.

The brief should be between 3-5 pages in length (not including title or reference page); single spaced with one inch margins using a10-12 point sized font.  It is to be presented in a format that clearly outlines content marked with headings for the following sections:

Nature of the Problem
Risk Factors
Policy Implications
Case for Support
Collaborating Systems
Protective Factors
Program Models
Current Resources Available
Reference page for Issue Brief: (Use APA guidelines for preparing your bibliography.) Minimum 1 reference per content page.
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