I will need this writer most likely: Writer [294711] In this assignment, you wil

I will need this writer most likely:Writer [294711]In this assignment, you will:· Get more practice with Go’s packages that support web services and interacting with themHere are the requirements:1) You need to write two programs,a) hw7.go will be a simple service to add and lookup email contact infob) hw7client.go will be a simple command-line user interface that will use the service to get its work done2) To test the code, you need to first run the service in one window, then run the client in a separate window. Here is sample output, first for the service, then for the client:a) Note that I ran the service inside VS Code’s Terminal window, which runs Powershell and thus needs the “.” firstb) Note that the service has not stoppedPS C:UsersvillaDownloads311gospr22cs311hw7> go build hw7.goPS C:UsersvillaDownloads311gospr22cs311hw7> .hw7c) I ran the client in a CMD window. I ran it twice without stopping the service, so the 2nd run can still access the data saved from the first run. For a real service, you would store things in a database, but for this assignment, a simple map is sufficient.C:UsersvillaDownloads311gospr22cs311hw7client>hw7clientManaging email contactsAdd or Lookup (a/l)? aPlease enter the name: Bob ZanePlease enter the email address: bz@abc.comDo you want to quit? (yes/no): noAdd or Lookup (a/l)? aPlease enter the name: Bonnie KohlPlease enter the email address: bk@stu.eduDo you want to quit? (yes/no): noAdd or Lookup (a/l)? lPlease enter the name: Bob ZaneThe email address is: bz@abc.comDo you want to quit? (yes/no): noAdd or Lookup (a/l)? lPlease enter the name: Bonnie ZaneBonnie Zane is not in the contact listDo you want to quit? (yes/no): yesC:UsersvillaDownloads311gospr22cs311hw7client>hw7clientManaging email contactsAdd or Lookup (a/l)? lPlease enter the name: Bonnie KohlThe email address is: bk@stu.eduDo you want to quit? (yes/no): yesC:UsersvillaDownloads311gospr22cs311hw7client>3) The service is a stripped-down version of the web service from the tutorial you used in hw64) The client uses the http package’s get and post functions to submit requests to the servicea) io.ReadAll() helps extract the return value from the body of the responseb) The result can be cast to a string for a human-readable versionGrading:Correctness 80%To get any credit, you need to use HTTP requests and responses. Practicing how they work is the point.Style: 20% for naming (abbreviations are ok), meaningful comments

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