if you can please answer in a number format rather than essay format! 1. Describ

if you can please answer in a number format rather than essay format!1. Describe the TCP/IP Protocol Suite (list layers, compare these to OSI model, listprotocols at each layer (at least two per layer), list units of data at each layer2. Explain an example of encapsulation using specific protocols3. Explain, at a high level, the function of the protocols (IP, TCP, ARP, FTP) in theTCP/IP Suite4. Explain the PING and IPCONFIG utilities.5. Explain the structure of DNS and how names are resolved (also DNS Name Servers)6. Role of DNS in Server 2016?7. What is a FQDN8. Describe zones (primary, secondary, Active Directory integrated)a. How are these “replicated”?9. Explain Shared Folder and NTFS permissions; granularity of each?10. Explain ACL11. Explain Administrative Shares with an example12. Explain Hidden Shares.13. pick one TCP/IP component (HTTP, UDP, etc.) OR an IP tool/command (Ping, ARP), describe your choice works or what it does and how this is useful in managing a network.

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