In an MLA-formatted argumentative essay of least 4-6 or more pages (minimum 1000

In an MLA-formatted argumentative essay of least 4-6 or more pages (minimum 1000 words, not counting the Works Cited, heading, and title), with 8 or more sources (2 of which must be from the assigned readings noted for this prompt), analyze WHY a particular SHIFT or CHANGE has already happened or is happening now. Do not call for a “change” or “shift” this time, as you did in Essay 1; this time, for Essay 2, EXAMINE “BELOW the SURFACE” (or “beyond what’s OBVIOUS) WHY a particular change, shift, or “measurable distinction” happened. As you look at the “forces” that make things shift or change, you will be noting that some “forces” can also be called “CAUSES” or “MINDSETS” or “WIDESPREAD BELIEFS, ASSUMPTIONS, CULTURAL PRACTICES” or “TRADITIONS,” etc. As you IDENTIFY the “forces” or “triggers” for WHY something has changed or is changing now, you will also clarify how these forces are ‘pushing up’ or ‘squeezing in’ or ‘raining down’ on your chosen topic, etc.Please follow the prompt: Do not write about the “effects” or “impacts” of your topic; you are to FOCUS the ARGUMENT on the FORCES below the SURFACE — on the CAUSES, FORCES, MINDSETS, etc. that are ‘pushing up’ or squeezing in’ or ‘raining down’ on your chosen topic, etc. You may choose ‘forces’ that are ECONOMIC, or PSYCHOLOGICAL, or POLITICAL, or TECHNOLOGICAL, etc. There are MANY ways to CHARACTERIZE the ‘forces’ that are at work and SHAPING “SHIFTS” and CHANGES we are now living with, or tolerating, or enjoying, or crumbling under, etc.Please do NOT say “IMPACT” or “AFFECT,” or “EFFECT” — unless you enjoy sounding like a “C” writer at best! Work on your VERBS to work on your VOICE!Please UPLOAD Essay 2 to CANVAS before the due date and time. Penalties of 5% per calendar date apply to late papers.Please remember to meet at least the bare minimum part of the “general prompt” for Essay 2. For Essay 2, you need: at least 4-6 or more pages (minimum 1000+ word count), with 8 or more sources — 6 of which you find from among scholarly, reliable sources — and 2 of which you integrate nicely from the assigned readings noted for this prompt.Don’t forget that you always need to refine any topic I suggest as well as narrow any point you create! Sharp, focused essays, please!

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