In this project, you will manage a large worksheet and work on two workbooks at the same time. You will also add a hyperlink to your workbook. ?????


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Project Description:
In this project, you will manage a large worksheet and work on two workbooks at the same time. You will also add a hyperlink to your workbook.
Start Excel. Download, save, and   open the workbook named Student_Excel_5E_Law_Schedule_as.xlsx.   
Go to cell M50, and then insert   a COUNTIF function to count the number of unassigned (Staff) judges. In cell   K50, type Events with Unassigned Judges
Move to cell A1. Open the   downloaded file e05E_Judge_Requests.xlsx.   Switch windows, and then make your Student_Excel_5A_Law_Schedule_as file the active window. Arrange your two   files horizontally. 
  Mac users, do not open the file, or if you have opened the 05E_Judge_Requests workbook, close the   file. In your 5E_Law_Schedule file,   click cell M3, type George Gates and then make cell A1 the active cell. Skip step   4, and then continue with step 5.
In the Student_Excel_5E_Law_Schedule_as workbook, go to cell A51, split   the window horizontally, and then click in any cell above the split in column   C. Use Find to locate the first Event # request from the e05E_Judge_Requests worksheet, and then type George Gates in the appropriate cell in the Student_Excel_5E_Law_Schedule_as   workbook to assign him as the Judge. Close the Find and Replace dialog box,   and then close the e05E_Judge_Requests worksheet. Maximize your   Student_Excel_5E_Law_Schedule_as worksheet, and then remove the Split.
Insert a new blank row 1. In   cell A1, type Schedule of Academic Events with Unassigned Judges and then Merge & Center the   title across the range A1:M1. Apply the Title cell style.
Create a New Table Style named Academic Team   Schedule.   Format the First Row Stripe using the Fill tab and in the sixth column, click   the third color. Format the Second Row Stripe using the sixth column, fifth   color. Format the Header Row using the eighth column, first color. Set as the   default table style for this document.
Select the range A2:M49 and apply the Custom table   style—Academic Team Schedule.
Autofit columns A:M. Set the   orientation to Landscape, set the Width to 1 page, center the worksheet   Horizontally. Insert a footer with the file name in the left section and page   number in the right section. 
Add a page break on page 1 after   row 40. Repeat row 2 at the top of each page.
Insert a hyperlink in cell J2 to   the downloaded e05E_Academic_Coaches.xlsx   workbook. Change the ScreenTip to read Click here for contact information and then test your hyperlink.   Close the e05E_Academic_Coaches.xlsx workbook.
Save your workbook and then   close Excel. Submit the workbook as directed.

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