Individuals with A Fair Complexion Are More Prone to Skin Cancer Paper

The topic of this discussion board is Skin Cancer and Prevention.
1) First read the article linked below.
Skin Cancer.pdf (click the preview icon next to the filename to view in this frame, or right click to download and open the file in a new tab).
2) Then post to the discussion board answering the following questions within the narrative of your posting.

Why do you think individuals with a fair complexion are more prone to skin cancer? How is this related to melanin production?
What are the differences in skin cancer risk between men and women?
How can regular skin checks reduce cancer risk? Do you do a skin check on a regular basis?
What is a Mohs procedure?
What are recommended guidelines for the use of sunscreen?

3) Then reply to one classmate on the discussion board to compare and contrast your responses. You will not see other students’ posts until after you have submitted your initial post.
Be sure to use proper spelling and grammar throughout your discussion board post. It is important to address each element of the discussion board. The grading rubric is available in the Resources area by clicking on Modules in the main menu. The Resources section is at the top of the module listings. This will enable you to check that you have included all required elements in your discussion board post.

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