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I need some assistance with these assignment. informal settlements in johannesburg Thank you in advance for the help! Additionally, the rules that govern the construction of buildings could have been violated (Ashipala & Armitage, 2011). Connectively, various factors are believed to be the cause of informal settlement in Johannesburg. Among those factors include. increase in urbanization, whereby, the number of people who were migrated from rural areas to the town was very high as compared to the number of houses available in Johannesburg town.
Berry, M. G., Robertson, B. L., & Campbell, E. E. (2004). Aspects of the History and Development of Informal Settlements in the South-Eastern Cape Coastal Zone. South African Geographical Journal, 86(1), 23-29.
In addition, the lack of sufficient financial resources to compensate the population in acquiring land could have led to an increase in an informal settlement (Berry, Robertson & Campbell, 2004). Research indicates that poverty and social-cultural factors contributed significantly to an increase in informal settlements in Johannesburg town. The impacts of the informal settlement have been discussed among those impacts. increase environmental pollution, increase in social evils such theft, increase in the spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Cholera, typhoid to mention just but a few (Berry, Robertson & Campbell, 2004). Therefore, this study aims to provide insight into the topics discussed below.

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The case study on participatory approaches to hazardous waste management in Canada was put forth to explore the areas of disagreement in setting up a hazardous waste among the Canadian communities (Barry, 2013). Whereby, Albert’s case has been utilized to provide a future remedy to the areas of disagreement with respect to hazardous waste management. In addition, maturities in terms of thinking and Policy Corporation may be utilized to enhance successful establishment of a hazardous waste facility. Research indicates that there was a shortage in the number of hazardous metric tones that were being treated in Canada. However, through the establishment of a modern facility, the capacity of hazardous waste treated increased to over 5 metric tons (Barry, 2013).&nbsp.In addition, the case of hazardous waste management in the U.S and Canada has been put forth. Whereby, the two states have tried to establish participatory measures that could help to ensure proper disposal of hazardous waste.&nbsp.
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