Information Systems Case Study Identify a small information system problem (or o

Information Systems Case StudyIdentify a small information system problem (or opportunity) in an organisation youare familiar with OR that is described in a written case study, and carry out thefollowing tasks:1. Using appropriate modelling techniques, specify the scope of the problem, andprovide an analysis of the current reality and any requirements for a solution.2. Using appropriate modelling techniques, design and specify a prototype databaseinformation system solution.3. Develop and document the prototype.4. Outline a set of realistic implementation plans for the new information system.Discuss issues (organizational, human, technical, contextual) that might affect thesuccessful implementation of the system.Task 1: Identification and Analysis [30%]• Brief introduction including a brief background to the case study (a shortoverview of the organisation including your relationship to the organisation, andthe rationale and objectives for the information system).• Project Identification and Analysis: provide a definition of theproblem/opportunity. Use a CATWOE checklist and Root Definition to identifythe stakeholders, the problem, the rationale and any issues or constraints. A RichPicture may also help to express the boundaries of the system, the soft issues atplay and the information flow at present. Use a DFD to capture the presentsituation and identify the problem areas. Include an analysis of the User Groups.• Project Assessment: provide some assessment of the feasibility and risk of theproject, using at least one suitable method from the literature.• Suggest a suitable approach to develop the system (ie. What type of methodologywould be appropriate, given the system size and complexity and the organisationalcontext?).Task 2: Design [20%]• Design 1: provide a conceptual process model for the new information system anddesigns of its information requirements, supported by relevant modelling tools anddiagrams. Include data and information flow design, process/task design, inputand output design, and data entity design.• Design 2: provide a suggested technical solution and design including databasetable design, some discussion of choice of hardware and software.Task 3: Development [20%]• Prototype Development: design and develop a prototype of the database aspectof the system using MS Access. (NB: You are not required to implement a fullyworking information system.) Include as appendices in your assignment anyoutputs from the database detailing data table definitions, query/report definitions,and so on. Also include details of sample data used and testing carried out (withoutputs).• Prototype Documentation: discuss the purpose of the prototype (what kind ofevaluation/testing it addresses) and any resulting design changes made. Provide abrief functional overview of the developed prototype database system and a briefuser manual on how to use the system.Task 4: Implementation Issues [30%]• Implementation: include plans for obtaining the chosen hardware and software;for training; for installation of the new information system; and for monitoringand evaluation of the new information system. To be realistic, the plans mustinclude some kind of time-scale and details of who is responsible.• Challenges: discuss the human, organisational, technical and contextual issuesand challenges that may affect the implementation of the system, and suggestionson how to address these. Include details of whether/how user participation may be accommodatedThe instruction videos are divided into five parts as attached files and the useful handouts and reference style are also been attached.Comments from CustomerDiscipline: information system

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