internship report about the process and operation of waste water treatment plant in haya oman

I need an internship report not minimum than 10 pages excluding the (cover page, pictures, tables, references and appendixes) about the process and operation of waste water treatment plant in haya oman. It should cover:
1-table of content with page number
2-introduction,description of the company or institution.
3-brief summary of the internship, internship activities.
4-conclusion of the report
5-personal activity and recommendations
6-appendixes and supplementary materials(chart, graphs pictures,etc..)
in the introduction talk about the company and its description “HAYA OMAN” you can find the information provided in the website, make sure you search well for it.
I will provide all the information needed it just needs further research in some parts to make it clearer and helpful for you.
first of all, check the general information about the process in file haya module 2 and 3. dot go too detailed with the information just focus on the general idea of the primary, secondary and tertiary treatment and what each one consists of ( there are different types of filters used in the secondary treatment such as CAS SBR MBBR and MBR in module 3 . don’t include the numbers, equations, and the detailed information about the bacteria. this is only regarding the haya module 2 and 3 file. the process is similar in all stations we visited however there are some slight difference in each station which you will know in the attached information .
in the internship report we have to mention the places we visited. first of all the first week they were talking about the cctv and the safety and I want you to research about the safety of process operation and cctv
the second week we visited is the process and operation in the shatti station. we have to mention the process that happened in that station. I will prove a file with the information that you can use. the same week of shatti we were sent to athaiba to visit the pump station there the information will be attached in athaiba file. we were also sent to bousher station which is an old station ( conventional) small station and the filter type is sand filter.
the week after we went to al ansab station ill attaché two attachments about it that you can use moreover I will attach a report regarding al ansab that you can also use. al -ansab report attachment use from page 1 to 20 (chemical handling)
the week after we went to a’seeb station I will provide an attachment that you can use.
the week after we went to darsait station the following information is attached in the darsait file
the next week we visited the wet land and warehouse information of wetland in al ansab will be provided in the website of HAYA oman. and the information of the warehouse will be attached.
I couldn’t attaché all files ill send the rest once you accept the question

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