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I will pay for the following article Interpersonal Communication, Workplace Bullying. The work is to be 17 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Workplace bullying is an age-old phenomenon that is widely prevalent worldwide. It refers to any kind of violent or aggressive behavior of individuals or groups which is intentional and repeatedly meted out to an employee or a group of employees individual which threatens their personal well-being and safety. In addition, bullying is often meted out to intimidate, offend, or humiliate an employee. In some cases, bullying also involves negative physical contact. Bullying is in many cases carried out by those in power and hence the individual who is targeted is often in a defenseless state. However, in some cases, the bullies are insecure or immature individuals who try to assert their position by bullying their peers. It essentially robs the individual of their right to dignity at work and creates a hostile environment (Workplace Bullying. Bullying in the Workplace). According to a national survey, about 35% of American adults have reported having experienced bullying with 15% reported to have witnessed bullying of their co-workers (APA Center for Organizational Excellence). Reports have also shown that about 20% of workplace bullying can lead to harassment of the individual. a New York Times report revealed that in 60% of the cases, workplace bullies are men and both male and female employees are subjected to bullying. In cases involving female bullies, they tend to bully their female co-workers in a majority of the cases which is mainly attributed to the increasing pressure on female employees to succeed in a male-dominated organization and the rising competition between female employees within an organization. The issue of bullying has been considered as a serious problem affecting productivity and employee morale in workplaces by the International Labor Organization. It is also considered a silent epidemic by many experts. Research studies have also identified groups and organizations which are more vulnerable to bullying based on the incidence numbers.&nbsp.
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