Introduction (3-4 paragraphs, distilled from Essay 3): • Establishes the topic o

Introduction (3-4 paragraphs, distilled from Essay 3):• Establishes the topic of investigation• Explains significance of topic• Identifies important themes/subtopics/issues in the scholarly literature• Explains how previous scholarly research has contributed to our understanding of these themes/subtopics/issues AND/OR• Explains how previous scholarly research is contradictory or unsatisfactory in contributing to our understanding of these themes/subtopics/issues• Identifies a specific research question that will improve our understanding, help us resolve conflicts in the previous literature, and/or answer questions that the literature has raisedMethod (1 paragraph):• Explains how the research question was empirically investigated with details about who or what you studied, and howResults/Discussion (1-2 paragraphs)• Summarizes the findings from the empirical research you conducted• Describes how the data from the empirical research answers the research question• Analyzes the findings in the context of the previously described scholarly literatureConclusion (1 paragraph)• Speculates on causes and consequences of the findings AND/OR• Shows applications and practical significance of the study• Discusses limitations or flaws in the study• Suggests directions for future research that could build on the studyWorks Cited (MLA) or References (APA)• Lists full citations for all sources referenced in the essayHere are some scholarly articles I used that you can use as well.Work CitedFranklin‐Hall, Andrew. “On becoming an adult: Autonomy and the moral relevance of life’sstages.” The Philosophical Quarterly 63.251 (2013): 223-247. doi:10.1111/1467-9213.12014Gordon, Tuula, and Elina Lahelma. “Becoming an adult: Possibilities and limitations-dreams andfears.” Young 10.2 (2002): 2-18., Gary. “Youth transitions: Debates over the social context of becoming an adult.”Sociology compass 2.2 (2008): 467-484. Jr, Richard A., Timothy M. Ottusch, and Barbara Schneider. “Becoming adult:Meanings of markers to adulthood.” Emerging trends in the social and behavioralsciences: An interdisciplinary, searchable, and linkable resource (2015): 1-16., Christopher, and Sara Wakefield. “Young adults reentering the community from thecriminal justice system: The challenge of becoming an adult.” (2005).

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