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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Je Suis Charlie. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Twitter is the first media channel to use this slogan, and it was under the hashtag, #jusuischarlie. This slogan was also trending in another hashtag, #iamcharlie, which is a translation of Je Suis Charlie (Lee, 2015). Within a span of two weeks after the attack, the slogan was very popular on Twitter and the history of Twitter.
This concept of Je Suis Charlie became acceptable worldwide, and it was displayed in animated cartoons, and this includes the famous cartoon, the Simpsons (Lee, 2015). The print media, such as the New York Times, The Guardian, also embraced this term, and they constantly used it, while reporting on the terrorist attack, at the Charlie Hebdo satirical News Paper. The reason for this attack is the depiction of a cartoon image of the prophet Muhammad (Lee, 2015).
This paper tracks the development of this story, across the media channels, and this includes both the mainstream and the alternative media. The mainstream media organizations that this paper tracks this story from, includes, BBC, CNN and Yahoo. The alternative media, that this paper analyzes the manner which they reported this story, is WSWS, which is an abbreviation of the World Socialist Web, and the news channel, referred to as Democracy Now.

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Yahoo Media is one of the mainstream media organizations that were responsible for covering this news event. In its coverage of this event, the headline of the news story begins, with the words, “Paris shooting…. ”(Yahoo News, 2015). This title introduces the audience to what had just happened. It tries to create suspense to the reader, and this is in a bid of making the reader read more from the topic. Creation of suspense is one of the most important elements of a news story, and this is because it would catch the eyes of a reader, creating a desire to the person, to go on and read the paper (Lee, 2015). This suspense is quenched when the title, further goes on to denote that, the suspected terrorists, who were involved in the Charlie Hebdo attacks, were all killed by police officers (Yahoo News, 2015). Yahoo Media does not provide a detailed analysis of what was happening.&nbsp. &nbsp.
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