Jesus and Kingdom of God.

Need help with my writing homework on Jesus and Kingdom of God. Write a 250 word paper answering; Jesus and Kingdom of God The Sermon on the Mount is surely one of the focal points of the Gospels since Jesus Christ was able to articulate His teaching in full. There are several aspects that should be mentioned with regard to it. Thus, the Beatitudes are often called “ethical apocalypticisms”. This is a rather suitable term for them. Indeed, they put emphasis on the kind of life that will ensure that in the time of Apocalypse people will be able to save their souls. In addition to that, the nature of the above mentioned guidelines is closely connected to various Ethical concepts and issues.
In order to develop a better understanding, it may be suitable to analyze some of the Beatitudes. Thus, in Matthew chapter 5 verse 8 it was pointed out that those who are “pure in heart” will enter the Kingdom of Heaver. It is quite obvious that the above mentioned concept is synonymous to ethical decision making. Another concept which is analyzed in the next verse, namely peacemaking, reflects the ethical principle of refraining from violence and avoiding conflict between people. There is no doubt that this contributes to harmony in the world and is greatly values by Christianity. Finally, the high significance of mercy is states in the previous verse. As one can easily see, the idea of Kingdom of God stands for an environment of moral individuals who exercise highest ethical values such as refraining from violence or mercy on other people. That is why the above mentioned concept should be seen as an ethical ideal.
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