Journal #2- Instructional Strategies for Exceptional Learners Instructions: Stud

Journal #2- Instructional Strategies for Exceptional LearnersInstructions:Students will choose a journal article from the References section of the textbook (in the back; R1-R56) having to do with an instructional strategy for exceptional learners. Articles can deal with any type of classroom instructional strategy. You have a broad leeway with your article choice. Also, not all articles in the References section may be available through EBSCO, or other databases available at MAC. Look for a free, complete article to use for this assignment.JOURNAL ENTRIESRequirementsTo receive full point value, your work must be submitted before the date that it is due.To do your best and to receive the highest score, use a proof-reader.FormatTypedDouble-spaced1-inch marginsMost journals will be 1-2 pages in lengthCollege-Level writingProcess for Journal EntryHeading: For each journal submission create a heading. The heading should be single-spaced.ExampleSteven Boyd (your name, of course)EDU 2500Journal 2: Instructional Strategies for Exceptional LearnersMay 6, 2022 (Due date of journal)Journal 2: “Instructional Strategies for Exceptional Learners”, 15 pointsDue 5/6/22Choose a topic over Instructional Strategies for Exceptional Learners from the References section (R1-R56) to write a summative journal: Include a minimum of one page reflection and discuss how this information will change what you will do with your own classroom. How will this information improve your teaching and student learning?Objective Description – Just the Facts, 5 pointsParagraph 1: Summarize the material read (This should be a college length summary, more than half a page typed)Paragraph 2: Discuss a minimum of 2 key points that you learned. This could be new information learned or key points that support what you already know.Reflection, 7 pointsMinimum of 1-page typed, double-spacedParagraph 3: Discuss how this information will change (or support) what you will do in your own classroom. How will this information improve your teaching and student learning?Citation, 3 pointsAt the bottom of the last page, cite your work correctly. This should be easy- exactly how it appears in the back of your textbook.

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