Language Barrier as a Reason for Alienation.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Language Barrier as a Reason for Alienation. English has become a universal language and even locals of various countries are vaguely familiar with this language even if they are not sufficiently fluent. Education has enhanced the significance of English immensely. English serves as a medium of study for those who aspire to study abroad in the finest academic institutions. Approximately 1.7 million students from all over the world go to foreign countries for academic purposes. Out of this estimated number, half of the students belong to non-English speaking countries in Asia. They have to learn this language as quickly as possible as it serves as the only means for them to communicate in the classroom, university administration, and socially as well (Sawir 2005). Hence, it has become an obligation for international students to not only understand English but also excel in fluent English speaking skills. Learning English as their second language will not only give them an upper hand in their educational goals but also help them blend more easily in their surroundings. However, this is not a piece of cake, and students are faced with a plethora of obstacles and pressures while commanding over English as their second language.
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