Learning Goal: I’m working on a latin american studies question and need an expl

Learning Goal: I’m working on a latin american studies question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Write an essay describing, comparing and contrasting the experience of two (2) of the three Latinx national-origin groups (Mexican, Puertorrican and Dominican Experience) we studied in the first part of the course. As such your essay should have at least three parts: introduction, body and conclusion.In your introduction, explain: 1) why it is correct to define Latinx people as an ethno-race in the context of the United States racial system 2) and how have Latinx racial and ethnic ambiguity influenced how they have been treated by US institutions in the United States; 3) which are the two groups you will be writing about in you essay 4) what can the reader expect to learn by the end of the essay.In the body of the essay, for each Latinx national-origin group describe 1) some of the economic or political factors leading to the each Latinx national-origin’s group coming to the United States; 2) the types of working and living conditions they had upon arrival or examples of discrimination they faced by US mainstream society; 3) actions, campaigns and/or movements developed by each Latinx origin-group to demand for better working and living conditions and/or to push back against racial discrimination.In the conclusion of your essay, describe 1) at least two (2) similarities and two (2) differences between the two national-origin groups you examine. 2) Finish the essay by describing what you have found most interesting or relevant about the first part of this course.The minimum word count for the essay is a 1000 words, or the equivalent of 4 double spaced sheets. It is obligatory to draw only from the assigned readings and or audiovisual material – no outside sources permitted. The essay should include at least 8 direct quotes from the assigned readings and/or audiovisual material, specifically: two (2) direct quotes in the introduction, and six (6) direct quotes in the body of the essay. Please include a bibliography of cited works at the end of the essay.

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