Long-term respiratory disorders among World Trade Center Healthcare Providers

This assignment is to provide a research proposal outline, i.e. a draft, if you will, of you research proposal.
The submission at this point should include, in APA format, all of the essential topic subtitles from the guide on your chosen question and research type (qualitative vs. mixed method vsquantitative).The outline may contain the parts you feel you have finished writing, or may simply include notes on your choices, and how you intend to complete the section over the next very few weeks.
The proposal (project, paper) need not be complete for this particular assignment but needs to have all the parts listed and how you intend to flesh out the formal proposal.
APA Format for titles (MUST apply)
Presume your audience knows NOTHING about the subject and define all concepts and abbreviations when first used.
Sections to be completed and proof read prior to submission includes:

Introduction to the problem, background, guiding questions, delimitations and limitations, significance of the study (the reason you feel it is important.
REFINED Literature review
The EXISTING theory and practices (if applicable)
Human Subject Institutional Review Board Draft (use PhilaU) if human subjects are to be used.
List of expected appendices

this link ( in the bottom ) will help you understand what i what from this research. i want something similar with the same method and aim. this draft will be the base for further expansion in the research. the research will include statistics and surveys in the future so make sure to suggest 20 questions for the survey to ask the healthcare providers.
Matthew P. Mauer, Karen R. Cummings, Rebecca Hoen; Long-term respiratory symptoms in World Trade Center responders, Occupational Medicine, Volume 60, Issue 2, 1 March 2010, Pages 145–151, https://doi.org/10.1093/occmed/kqp176

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