Marketing Strategies: Customer Feedback Surveys.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Marketing Strategies: Customer Feedback Surveys. It needs to be at least 250 words. There are “Enquiries and Complaints” where companies keep a record of customer enquires which can be about a specific product or service. “Customer Reward Programs” is another smart technique of getting customer information by offering them tempting rewards like discounts, promotions, cash backs, and reward points. Another way of acquiring information is “Customer Feedback Surveys” which is of one most used method.
From an ethical point of view, gathering customer’s personal information is wrong to some extent. We should not forget that people do have the right to privacy according to the law but if they are deliberately providing their information to the companies then all the blame cannot be imposed on companies.
On the company’s part, they should not collect private information to the extent where the customer feels insecure and the worst part is that companies who are gathering data just don’t keep it to themselves. it is usually leaked or sold to other companies specifically in the banking sector. At times companies also track your personal life associated with marital and monetary aspects.

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In my opinion, there should be a limit to invade customer’s personal life and also customers should be careful while providing extensive information about themselves for the sake of rewards which might have unforeseen consequences.
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