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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Media Relations Campaign. It needs to be at least 2500 words. Although being covered widely in the media may lead to increased public relations activity, it is not automatic that having good media relations will lead to better public relations (Fitch, 2004). It is possible to have increased media relations and increased coverage on all media both traditional (print, radio, and television) and modern media (social media) but still have low levels of public relations. To be able to know whether the media relations campaigns have yielded any positive results, it becomes necessary for the organization to be able to evaluate the media relations activity. This way, the firm is able to know the way forward, know what works and what does not work for its greater good.
One of the serious mistakes that can be made is the belief that the more coverage an organization gets in the media the more successful the camping is. This is the definitely wrong way to think about media relations because what is important is not the coverage level but the effect it has with regard to how the organization relates to the target audience. Measuring media relations coverage is easy and direct because it only needs to observe the coverage. However, this does not help because it does not lead to understanding the actual results in the way the organization relates to the public.
Evaluation is required in order to identify the return on investment. There are costs associated with media relations. It is necessary to evaluate the media relations campaigns in order to identify how the costs relate to the results (Sriramesh, 2009). As already established, the success of the media relations campaign is not necessarily the level of coverage in the media that results from the media relations campaign but the results of the same. As a result, it also makes sense that the only way to know whether the investment in the media relations campaign paid off is by evaluating the actual results of the organization.

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Evaluation is also carried out in order to determine if it is necessary to change tactics or to keep the course. If the evaluation identifies that the media relations campaign is not bearing any useful results for the business, it would be necessary to change tactics. Without an evaluation, it would be impossible to achieve this.
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