Mod 3 Reemerging Infectious Diseases Hepatitis C Outbreak Discussion Paper

1. Select a topic from a list of emerging or reemerging infectious diseases (also found in module 3).
2. Provide the clinical name of the disease, the causative agent,the incubation period, the symptoms of the disease, the person(s) infected, the place and time, the case fatality rate, the mortality rate, the complete outbreak investigative process (six steps), data collection, and epidemic curves.
3. In applying the investigative steps, be sure to provide the following:
a. a reasonable and appropriate rationale for your field work plan
b. support and justification for your diagnosis
c. a hypothesis based on investigative findings
d. a description of the implementation of control and preventive measures, based on your investigative findings

length: five to seven pages (excluding cover pages and reference citations)
formatting: double spaced
title page with title, your name, the course name, and the semester
paper content should include introduction, body, and conclusion
use APA citation style in the body of the paper, as well as in the references
resources should include a mixture of web and regular references
correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence construction, and paragraph construction

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