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Write 2 pages with APA style on ECON WEEK 3. ECON WEEK 3 Three types of unemployment The three types of unemployment are ly seasonal, frictional and structural unemployment. The seasonal fluctuations in the demand for labor leads to loss of occupation. This form of unemployment is referred to as seasonal unemployment. For example in some colder climatic areas, the workers are unemployed during winter due to weather drawbacks. Frictional unemployment is a form of unemployment that occurs due to the voluntary job search by the employees for better opportunities. Frictional unemployment occurs as the jobseekers tend to look out for the desired options by ignoring the available options. For example, an accountant would not be interested in the job vacancy published by a hospital. The structural unemployment refers to the loss of employment due to changes in technological demands and changes in the operational process (Oswego, 2014). For example, the automation of machine systems in the factories may lead to structural unemployment due to loss of demand for labor.
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