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Effectively communicate and use scientific evidence regarding human impact on the environment with emphasis on sustainability and global citizenship. You may choose a topic from this course – or something related that you find intriguing – for my approval. The paper should be typed double-spaced and be about 5-7 pages long of CONTENT, excluding the cover page and references. I do not accept short papers. A 5-page paper is only 2.5 pages of single-spaced writing. This is a minimum. Please do not exceed 7 pages of writing. Again, the 5-7 pages does NOT include references nor a cover page, so your paper should be a total of 7-9 pages in length.
Example of past topics:
Disappearing tropical rainforests (Explain what is happening. Why should we be concerned?)
Compare and contrast China’s and India’s efforts at slowing their population growth.
Report on the decline of honeybees. Why should we care? What difference will it make to our lifestyle?
Explain Iceland’s plan to be the first country to run its economy on 100 percent renewable energy.
Carbon trading (What is it? Why has it been established? How will it benefit the Earth?)
Harmful algae blooms (HABs) (What are they? What causes them? Are they harmful to humans?)
Global water scarcity (How bad is it? How is it linked to global crises and conflict?)
*Be sure to click the assignment title above to view the detailed grading rubric. Briefly, you will be evaluated on:
Content: clear and accurate knowledge of your topic and how your topic relates to human impact on the environment.
References: proper quantity and quality of APA citations.
Effective writing: grammar, spelling, punctuation.
Following directions.

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